What defines a good Pull Request?

November 15, 2023 ☼ GitHubprocess

As we work in bigger and bigger teams/projects is essential that we put more time and effort into crafting any PR.

PRs serve as a way for team members to review, discuss, and eventually merge changes into a codebase.

The below list is what I’d consider a reviewable PR.

The List

The below list might differ if the proposed changes are meant to address documentation or non-code related topic.

Small tips

  1. Use Draft pull request if you are unsure of your approach and would like to gather an early feedback. It will avoid big change requests from the reviewers since you clarified a lot of things already.
  2. Use plugins such as Git Diff Warning that helps you keep the PR small
  3. Automate as much as possible
  4. Have on-point commit messages
  5. Add screenshots (if it makes sense)

If you have any suggestions, questions, corrections or if you want to add anything please DM or tweet me: @zanonnicola